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Vice versa, there are items donating which can pacify the planet, so similarly using the same items will strengthen the planet. As I told before, mustard oil represents Saturn and by donating this, we can pacify Saturn. So, by the same law, using mustard oil in everyday life will simply strengthen Saturn, which is a good choice for people who have Saturn as their benefic planet.


Thus, people can not buy expensive gems can strengthen their benefic planets in everyday life. Though using mustard oil will work far less than using a Sapphire, but still it is a very notable effect through which people can be benefited a lot. Similarly, people who do not know Jyotish, or do not know this theory may use mustard oil everyday in cooking etc. Think now! This is not a made-up thing from my mind.

But from my personal experiences I see from the past that whenever Saturn Pratyantar Dashas came, I have used mustard oil for my hair etc. But in the other times, I did not! This is because we know that in each period of planets they made us do things they promise in our charts, and making someone use Saturn kind of things is a very common matter we can expect from a Saturn period.

But, notice we know that each planets gets strengthened in it's own period through which it gives it's effects.

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And so in Saturn Pratyantar it was powerful and made me use mustard oil much. So again we get that using mustard oil strengthens Saturn. Thus, all other planets can be strengthened using some of simple things in everyday life. Similarly, malefic planets' things should be avoided to use. People do not know Jyotish unconsciously use them much to call in much grief and pain in their lives.

Similarly, we know that electrical items are ruled by Rahu. And truly, when my Rahu bhukti started, I started to use electrical items more than ever before! As an example, I bought and started to wear a wristwatch for all the 24 hours times even when sleeping! But before that, in my 20 year's life, I never wore a wristwatch even for one day a month!

This, of course, does not mean that Saturn and Rahu periods will always make someone use mustard oil or electrical items like me. What it will make the person do, will depend on all the matters.

Like the person might wear black or aqua coloured clothes a lot on that period of time etc. It is confirm the planet will show it's effect though the person's activities. Even, the person may even behave the 'Planet-wise'. Like in Mars' period the person may behave hot-tempered if Mars is afflicted, as hot temper is ruled by negative Mars. For the same reason astrologers advise to control temper to reduce Mars' harms.

Because, Mars shows it's effect by making you hot tempered, and you put it away by keeping yourself cool-mannered! And the other bad effects are put away like this the same while when you act adverse the planetary effects. Thus, by every single activities or behaviour, we show planets' effects, and by every single task or behaviour in everyday lives, we strengthen some planets. A Jyotish - learned person will always act careful enough not to strengthen his malefic planets from his simple and everyday life activities.

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May we do all the positive things in our everyday lives, may Jyotish be the most helpful guide to all of us. Here are some easy ways of Vedic Astrology remedial measure. I read them in sites, classical texts etc. Some remedies I also got from my own experience. They are only my personal opinion - might strange pretty strange though. But I believe that people might be benefited from them.

About donations and charitable works - Donation and charity are sacrifices and that is why great positive karmas. This is believed that it also pacifies a harmful planet when that planet type of things are donated. Some also say that you might donate money to a poor for buying foods and medicine, but if he uses the money for bad purposes such as buying addictive drugs, then it is rather put upon your shoulder.

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Helping the old, poor, needy, distressed is a very good way - there can be no doubt that it leads to freedom from bad karma much or less. Donate foods, medicines, money and other materials to the poor. If you do not have money or any material to donate, then at least, say good and sweet things, make the person feel better at least!

It will surely not be overlooked by the great Lord. Note - When a planet is malefic for you according to Jyotish, never strengthen that in any ways, and propitiate Pacify it. Strengthen your benefic planets in every ways suggested by Jyotish. Many of the suggested mantras and stotras are available in this site with audio.

So if you need a specific mantra or stotra, please check out the mantra page. Donation and charity - Cow with her calf.


Saturn (Shani) in Jyotish / Vedic Astrology Writen by: Tanvir Chowdhury Tanvir Chowdhury प रय गक ल यम न तट च सरस वत प ण यजल ग ह य म य य गगन ध य नगत. Saturn (Shani) in Jyotish / Vedic Astrology Writen by: Tanvir Chowdhury Tanvir 5 * Who is the son of the Sun * Who gives wealth * Who is.

Molasses, gold, copper, wheat etc. Gemstones related to Sun. Feeding - Brahmins Or poor people with cream of rice cooked with jaggery Molasses. Others - Service to own father, fatherly people. Keeping main entrance of the house from east. Avoid - Meal which includes molasses, wheat etc.

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Red copper made things for own purpose. Conch "Shankha".

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White clothes, silver, rice, boiled rice, milk, pure water etc. Gemstones related to Moon. Dough to cows. Boiled rice mixed with sugar to crows. Rice cooked in milk to Brahmins Or poor people. Service to mother, motherly women, old women. Taking bath in Ganges or running water. Keeping no water pump or well under the roof. Drinking milk regularly. Moon's colour. Moon's gemstones. Bullock Preferably red coloured. Red clothes, molasses, gold, copper, masoor daal, batasa, sweet chapati, skin of deer etc.

Gemstones related to Mars.

Prayer - Dear readers, I would like to share a few observations about remedial measure with you. This article is about simple and easy remedial. Loneliness in Astrology. Written by: Tanvir Chowdhury. This article was written with the data provided by members of Astrological Discussion. Astrology ahucevijyxoz.

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Gemstones related to Mars. This article may contain indiscriminate , excessive , or irrelevant examples. Brahmins Or poor people with rice cooked with powder of sesame seeds. Learn from Sri Jagannath Centre. He acted more than films in his career till

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